What problems can I help you with?


are making you uneasy and troubled. You feel some of your emotions are irrational, getting out of hand, or just the opposite: having trouble expressing or even experiencing them.


and feeling like you’re not progressing or going anywhere, maybe a bit confused about where you’re headed and how you want your life to look like in a few years.


with yourself or with others that are important to you are not working out for you. You feel you are unworthy of love or you are unable to form lasting and satisfying relationships with others.


is something that you are struggling with during the COVID-19 quarantine. You feel like you’re ‘going mad’, miss seeing your friends and family, have a hard time working from home or can hardly cope with being locked inside.


are making you miserable and you have difficulties dealing with negative thoughts that you cannot seem to control. Saying goodbye to a previously comfortable and well-known life situation and dealing with new challenges can sometimes be overwhelming.


are making it difficult for you to distance yourself from the pain you have experienced and prevent you from having moments when you enjoy life without feeling guilty — and this might have been going on for an extended period of time.


prevent you from being able to enjoy and live life to the fullest. As your body enters into ‘emergency mode’, it is impossible to think straight even if you know it might be irrational.


are holding you captive, making you a mere passenger in your own life. You want to stop smoking, biting your nails, procrastinating, or binge drinking; yet, for some unknown reason, something is pulling you back and you are unable to do so.


seems particularly difficult and you don’t understand why. It might look like something is holding you back from making a certain decision, and you feel like you’ve lost your way.

I have been an active psychologist for five years, having worked for the Hungarian National Institute of Oncology for four years providing supportive therapy in a team of professionals. I have also been working with refugees in the United Kingdom in the field of mental health and I have extensive experience in the management of common mental health problems such as chronic stress, bereavement, emotional difficulties, trauma, impulsivity control, anxiety, adjustment disorder, sleep disorder, pain management, and recovering from serious illnesses. I spent my internship programme in a psychiatric hospital and outpatient clinic in Hungary working in treatment supervision for the patients of the hospital under clinical supervision. I am also interested in spirituality and have had training in shamanic practices at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe.


My continuous professional development has included 280 hours of Hypnotherapy Training, 270 hours of Psychodrama Training, 200+ hours of Hypnotherapy, 100+ hours of Hellinger Family Constellation Therapy, and training in Basic Shamanism.



N. K.

’I started to work with Márton after a very difficult period of my life: I needed to focus on taking care of my mental health following a serious illness and learn how to manage stress effectively. At this point I gave hypnotherapy a try, which, at first, seemed quite scary; however, thanks to Márton’s professionalism I learnt a lot about myself and the real cause of my problems. Eventually, I managed to move towards a healthy solution to my problems. I highly recommend Márton and hypnotherapy!’


After my first session with Márton, it immediately became clear that my thoughts were valid and suddenly it all clicked into place.The first time I walked into his office, I was quite lost — but by the time we got to our last session, I was more independent, assertive and self-confident. I had learnt how to be more respectful towards others’ and my own opinions as well. I especially liked how Márton guided me towards possible solutions in an objective way.

P. B.

'It was a very good experience to work together with Márton and I felt very safe. His warm personality and the firm but not overly rigid therapeutic boundaries helped me a lot in my healing process. I have kept some of the drawings I made during the therapy and it feels so good to look at them! I can only recommend him to others looking for a therapist. Thank you so much for your help!'