I offer Psychological Counselling and Hypnotherapy for individuals and couples as a HCPC–registered Counselling Psychologist and Hypnotherapist in London and online via Skype in the topics described below. The list, however, is not exhaustive; feel free to contact me if you wish to know whether my services would be suitable for you and if you would benefit from psychological counselling or hypnotherapy. Note that I cannot prescribe medication and in case there is a possibility that you might need medication, I will have to refer you to a psychiatrist.


With so many impulses coming from our surroundings and in a world where we both desire independence and connectedness at the same time, it is only natural that sometimes we get tangled up in our own emotions—or we even have difficulties identifying, understanding, or expressing them. It is easy to get lost in the maze of anger, guilt, joy, pleasure, shame, hate, love, and a myriad of other feelings—or suffering from a lack of them. Therapy can help you understand and make peace with your emotions and practise emotional regulation, stress management and offers relief from stress disorders.


It is only natural to pause for a moment, take a step back, and re-evaluate what we really want in our life. Talking openly about your doubts and insecurities, as well as your plans and passions when you want some things to change in your life is a great way to sort your thoughts out and get things in motion. If you would like to understand yourself and your decisions better or avoid burnout, emotional exhaustion, chronic stress or simply take care of your mental health, seeing a professional will be beneficial for you. Treat your mental health with as much care as your physical health.


Having a healthy self-esteem, a sense of general trust in others, and a notion that the world is a predictable place can help people navigate through life with relatively low emotional disturbances. However, the situation is often far from ideal. You might feel that you are isolated, can’t accept yourself, are unworthy of love, or your relationships follow a particular pattern and you always end up in the same situation. Working with a professional can help you develop a better relationship with yourself, gain self-esteem, be more assertive, and identify how you can work on intimacy issues to connect with others in a safe, meaningful, and satisfactory way that promotes personal growth.


Coping with feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, a lack of motivation and being isolated under these uncertain and socially challenging circumstances is difficult for many of us. A darker, more anxiety-ridden period hits almost all of us at different stages of the coronavirus lockdown — for some, the hardest period was the first few weeks after restrictions were implemented, while for others a wave of sadness or exhaustion came almost out of the blue a little bit later. It might prove helpful to be compassionate with yourself and acknowledge that these are hard times for all of us, and then look at what is causing you the most distress and learn about how to establish healthy coping mechanisms.


Whether it’s a new school, job, country, family role, or an unknown life situation you have to cope with, realising that your previously functional coping mechanisms might need to be adjusted can be very frustrating. Talk therapy and hypnotherapy can both help you find out why you’re having a particularly hard time and identify new behaviours, habits, and focus on opportunities that will be helpful for you in your new environment. Together we can explore what causes you the biggest problem in the situation and what you can do to help yourself in the adjustment process.


Grief and loss are universal human experiences, yet it can be extremely difficult to find our unique way of mourning, remembering, and letting go—especially in Western societies, where death and personal losses are often considered taboo; we often find ourselves alienated from meaningful rituals to help us find our way of remembering lost ones. While there are no rules about how long you might need to grieve, despite what others might tell you even with the best of intentions, therapy can help you when you have lost a family member, a friend, a colleague, a pet, or you have separated, divorced, lost your job or your business has failed.


When danger is perceived, our body enters into ‘emergency mode’ to avoid harm, making us breathe heavily as if an elephant was sitting on our chest, our heart race, and our palms sweat. It is impossible to think straight even if we know that our fear might not be rational and anxiety might keep you from falling asleep at night. Talk therapy and hypnotherapy can help you overcome panic attacks, generalised anxiety, various phobias (irrational fear of confined or open spaces, animals, etc.), stage fright, shyness, or fear of public speaking.


Most of our unhealthy habits used to serve a purpose in our life and we practised them for a reason, even if that reason has never become apparent to us. It might be a good idea to seek professional help if you want to break free of an unwanted habit, but it has proved to be too difficult to do so on your own. Hypnotherapy is a particularly effective tool to reveal your hidden motivation regarding such habits and to reprogram yourself to replace these behaviours with healthier ones. It can help you with smoking cessation, pain management, weight loss, establishing healthy eating habits and to stop nail biting or hair pulling, among other unhealthy behaviours if you are motivated to make a change.


Making a decision, especially when there is not enough information, can be sometimes tricky. There might be a lot of doubt, ‘what if’s, ruminating, procrastination, and going back and forth involved in the process. It is even more challenging if deciding in favour of something means that you will need to give up on something else. Therapy can help you ask yourself the right questions, find out the underlying causes of your difficulties, understand your gut reactions better, help you with time management skills, and, ultimately, make your own decision.


In-person Counselling / Hypnotherapy: £65

Online Counselling / Hypnotherapy: £50

In-person Couples Counselling: £95

Online Couples Counselling: £80

Reduced fees: Discounted prices available for students upon request.